It is the dawn of a new age of global connectedness. Airship routes have made the world smaller, reducing voyages of many months to flights of only a few days. However, the dangers of long-distance travel remain – especially the danger of pirates. Bands of fearless opportunists resembling the pirates of old have taken to the skies in their own airships, terrorising and plundering passenger and cargo vessels alike – or so the stories go.

But you never thought you would encounter any actual airship pirates. Until it happened on your first transatlantic flight. Worse yet, this crew of pirates appear to have a strong interest in a certain document in your possession and need you to translate it. Only thing is, you don't know how. You'll need to stall for time and gain their confidence in order to avoid being made to walk the plank. And who knows: solve the challenges that come your way, and you may end up with a share of the treasure...

How to enter

First, download the challenges here (updated 2018-05-15).

Register to participate by following the instructions contained in mwr-hackfu-challenge-2018.txt. Everyone is welcome to participate and will stand a chance to win an invitation to one of MWR's 2018 HackFu events (held in the UK and South Africa)*. Additionally, special prizes are available for South African and Singaporean university students.

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How to participate

There are eleven challenges in total, ranging from simple logic problems to complex technical puzzles. Solving each challenge will give you a passphrase, in the format hackfu[a-z]+, which can be used to decrypt the solution.txt.enc file for that challenge. In addition to the second part of the story, this file will give you a challenge codename, a unique UPPERCASE THREE-WORD PHRASE, which can then be submitted along with the email address you used to register and a detailed description of how you solved the challenge (very important!). Each submission will improve your standing on the leaderboard, and increase your chance to win!

The challenge will run from 23 April 2018 to 23 July 2018. Submissions will close just before midnight Baker Island Time.

How to win

Entrants who submit the best writeups (decided by MWR judges) to the most challenges will be declared the winners of the HackFu Challenge, with all the honour and glory that entails!

Competition rules

There are no restrictions on downloading the challenges; however, in order to be eligible to enter the competition and be in the running for the prizes the following rules apply.

* Any granting of invitations to HackFu events will depend on the time and location of these events and the discretion of MWR's judges.